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Beshears' income grew by $55,000 in 2012, according to tax return

File photo, 2011.
File photo, 2011. Lexington Herald-Leader

FRANKFORT — Gov. Steve Beshear and his wife, Jane, released 2012 state and federal income tax returns Tuesday that showed a total joint gross income of $252,164 — an increase of more than $55,000 from 2011.

The family's income included $132,862 from Beshear's salary as governor, $55,644 from dividends, $37,219 from capital gains and $25,168 from Social Security.

The couple reported $55,634 in total itemized deductions. They gave $19,495 to charities.

The Beshears had a total tax liability of $31,813. After subtracting tax withholding of $21,351, the couple paid the federal government $10,462 with their tax return.

Because the Beshears did not receive a refund this year, they were not able to check a designated donation box on their state tax return for breast cancer research, spokeswoman Kerri Richardson said.

Last year, they gave a $10 donation on their 2011 tax return for breast cancer research. That came after the Herald-Leader reported that for the two previous years, Jane Beshear had urged Kentuckians to check the box to support breast cancer research but had not done so personally.

Beshear at first refused to disclose his income tax returns during his 2007 race for governor. He later released a list of his assets and liabilities. He then decided to make public his income tax returns.

The Beshears have released their tax returns each year that he has been governor.