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Stumbo dismisses House GOP redistricting plan as 'dog and pony show'

FRANKFORT — House Speaker Greg Stumbo dismissed House Republicans' legislative redistricting plan as "a dog and pony show" Friday and claimed House GOP leader Jeff Hoover has declined to participate in the redistricting process.

"We've been asking Jeff Hoover to take part in the redistricting process for two years now, and he has obviously chosen not to do that," Stumbo, D-Prestonsburg, said in an email. "I'm not going to be a member of his dog and pony show, and I have yet to hear anyone say his plan is a fair one except him."

Hoover and fellow House Republicans unveiled a plan Thursday to redraw all 100 House districts to comply with population changes noted in the last U.S. Census.

It pits eight incumbent state representatives against each other in four districts — one with two Republicans, one with two Democrats and two districts with incumbents from each party.

House Democrats have not yet released their plan for consideration in a special legislative session Gov. Steve Beshear has called to begin Aug. 19.

Hoover, R-Jamestown, said in a news release that he is disappointed with Stumbo's comments.

"When one person like Speaker Stumbo can dismiss what many, including members of his own party, have referred to as the fairest redistricting plan that has been offered in the last three years, and by openly admitting that he has not reviewed our plan but would not support it, he is saying to the people of Kentucky that partisan politics come first and foremost," Hoover said.

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