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Dakota Meyer says he is considering a run for public office

Kentucky Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer says he's considering running for elected office.

Meyer posted on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon, "I want to thank everyone for the overwhelming support & encouragement about my decision to pursue elected office!"

On Meyer's Facebook page, he said Tuesday afternoon, "There has been a little talk about my potential run for congress. I am overwhelmed by all the support and encouragement — I am always looking for ways to serve my country and my community."

Attempts to reach Meyer were unsuccessful.

He posted online Tuesday that he was spending the day at a Hiring Our Heroes job fair for veterans in Arkansas, sharing the stage with former President Bill Clinton.

Meyer set off a flurry of activity on Twitter when he tweeted late Monday or early Tuesday, "Congress 2016, POTUS 2024!"

It is unclear what congressional seat he might plan to seek.

Meyer is from Columbia in Adair County.

Meyer was a 21-year-old U.S. Marine corporal when Taliban fighters ambushed members of his unit at a village in Afghanistan in September 2009. Meyer braved intense fire to go to the aid of pinned-down U.S. and Afghan troops, saving the lives of three dozen soldiers, according to the Marine Corps account of the battle.

President Barack Obama awarded him the Medal of Honor in September 2011. He was the first living Marine to receive the award in nearly four decades.

A McClatchy newspapers investigation later concluded that parts of the Marine Corps account of the battle were not accurate or were unsubstantiated, though the stories also said Meyer acted heroically and deserved to be nominated for the Medal of Honor.