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Domestic violence protection bill hits snag in Kentucky House

John Tilley
John Tilley Photo provided

FRANKFORT — A bill that would extend domestic violence protection to dating partners has hit a snag in the Kentucky General Assembly.

House Bill 8 has been sent back to the House Judiciary Committee, which unanimously passed it Jan. 8 and sent it to the House floor.

House Judiciary Chairman John Tilley, D-Hopkinsville, said the bill needs two minor revisions. One would clarify how court protective orders could be handled by school districts when students are involved; the other would clarify the length of dating relationships covered by the bill.

Tilley said he expects a House floor vote on the amended bill within two weeks. Two anti-abortion amendments waiting for the bill in the House likely will be waved aside by House leaders because they are not relevant to the intent of the bill, he said.