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Kentucky Baptist Convention launching campaign against expanded gambling

FRANKFORT — The Kentucky Baptist Convention is taking its fight against expanded gambling to churches and Christian radio stations as state lawmakers consider the issue.

Paul Chitwood, executive director of the organization, is sending a video to be played in church sanctuaries to the 750,000 members of the Kentucky Baptist Convention and a 60-second ad to select Christian radio stations across the state.

The radio spots will start Wednesday and run for a week on stations in Lexington, Bowling Green, Falmouth, Glasgow, James town and Louisville, and Huntington W.Va.

Chitwood said he was "not sure" how much the ad campaign would cost. He said the video was sent to various churches this week.

In each of the spots, Chitwood asks Christians to join in the fight against expanded gambling by calling their state lawmakers and making their voices heard.

"Where gambling is legalized, misery follows," Chitwood says in the ads. "And yet year after year, a small group of Kentucky politicians pushes to expand gambling in Kentucky, promising that it will be an economic boon — and it will be ... to the casino operators eager to cash in on the misery of our fellow Kentuckians."