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Q&A: U.S. Senate, House candidates on campaign finance issues

Each Tuesday, the Herald-Leader will ask the candidates for U.S. Senate and the 6th Congressional District to take a stand on issues important to Kentucky voters.

Question: Should Congress change campaign-finance law to require that donors to all political groups be fully and immediately identified?

U.S. Senate

Alison Lundergan Grimes

Yes. Voters have every right to know the identities of the donors who are trying to influence their elections — especially since many of the donors do not live in the states and communities where the elections are being held.

Mitch McConnell

Campaign finance reform advocates frequently discuss "too much money in politics" but conveniently leave out that the regulations they seek have the intended impact of stopping critics from being able to voice their critiques. I believe we must protect political speech.

David Patterson

Yes. I believe all campaign materials should include a "paid for by," and donations should be fully disclosed. I believe that any punitive actions taken by elected officials as a result of supporting a political opponent should be a Class A felony.

6th Congressional District

Andy Barr

I oppose limits on free speech and political activity. I believe improved enforcement of existing election laws and clear disclosure rules regarding activities of political action committees, candidate committees and nonprofit groups would enhance accountability.

Elisabeth Jensen

Yes, if the Supreme Court will allow it. Our broken campaign finance system contributes directly to our broken tax system and broken Congress in Washington. This problem has only been made worse by the Supreme Court's miserable ruling in the Citizens United case.