Marr to run for Lexington mayor

Eric Patrick Marr notified the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance on Wednesday that he intends to be a candidate in the Lexington mayor's race in 2010.

Marr, 36, a native Lexingtonian, said he decided to run for mayor because when he returned in 2007 after being gone for 16 years, "I discovered Lexington was invisible and irrelevant on the national scene."

His main focus, Marr said, will be to concentrate on improving the city's economic development.

"The city invests little in economic development," he said. "We have no comprehensive economic development plan, and in the current administration, there is only one person on staff focused on economic development."

Austin, Texas, has 45 people on economic development, said Marr, a graduate of Purdue University. He is a behavioral economics consultant.

Since the city's main source of income is the payroll tax, "We have to have a strategic economic development plan with benchmarks, with measurables, with accountability, with dedicated funding and staff," Marr said. "Right now we have none of that."

Marr described Lexington's economic outlook as "abysmal."

His complete platform is outlined on his Web site, EricPatrickMarr.com.

Candidates for office cannot officially file to be on the 2010 ballot until after Nov. 4.

Lexington Mayor Jim Newberry and former mayor Teresa Isaac have contacted the election registry stating their intention to run for mayor. This notification allows candidates to raise money.