Candidate Marr drops out of Lexington mayoral race

Eric Patrick Marr has dropped out of the Lexington mayoral race.

In e-mails, tweets and a blog post Tuesday, Marr, 36, threw his support to Vice Mayor Jim Gray, who announced last week that he is running for mayor.

"Jim Gray has now taken upon himself to offer his 35 years of world-class business leadership to my hometown," Marr said.

In an interview, Marr said Gray did not ask him to drop out of the race. Although the two have talked frequently, he said, the last conversation was a few weeks ago.

Marr also said that, as a political newcomer, he knew he couldn't win. But he said that his three-month campaign had "successfully achieved my ultimate goal — directing Lexington's inner conversation away from their usual myriad of peripheral issues and onto the one topic that matters most."

That topic: "our local economy."