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KLC appoints pair of task forces to review operations

The Kentucky League of Cities announced on Tuesday that its leaders have appointed two task forces to check the organization's finances and suggest improved travel and expense policies.

The policies and procedures task force met for the first time last week and hopes to recommend tightened expense policies to the League's executive board by the end of August.

Board members had said for more than a month that they had planned to appoint a committee to evaluate the League's expense policies in the wake of a Lexington Herald-Leader report that showed the organization's top three staff members spent $300,000 in three years on travel, meals and other items.

The non-profit League receives money from cities in the form of dues and as payments for its insurance, financial and legal services.

The board also has created a finance task force that will meet within the next week, the League announced Tuesday.

"In light of legitimate questions and concerns expressed recently about the operation of the League, it is important for the board to step back and take a look at the League's operational and financial practices," Richmond Mayor Connie Lawson, the League's president, said in a statement.

The Henderson City Commission suspended its membership payments to the League this month, prompting League board members to suggest that other concerned cities do the same.

The board, earlier this month, suspended use of credit cards by staff, including Executive Director Sylvia Lovely.

The moves come as state Auditor Crit Luallen begins her review of the League's spending.

The six mayors serving on the policies and procedures task force are Lawson, Susan Barto of Lyndon, Arthur Byrn of Mayfield, Glenn Caldwell of Williamstown, Michael Miller of Jackson and Elaine Walker of Bowling Green.

The four mayors on the finance task force are Barto, Miller, Ed Burtner of Winchester and Rom Rushing of Murray.

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