Crash of Flight 5191

Carole Bizzack: A glorious mountain

It was chilly and gray outside Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, where lines of police cars and a horse-drawn hearse waited at the funeral of Carole Bizzack.

In life, Bizzack had always said the church was the warmest place in Lexington, other than her own home; inside, it glowed with memories.

“I never wanted the memories. I only wanted you,” her son, Jason, said during her funeral yesterday. “When someone you love becomes memory, the memory becomes a treasure.”

Bizzack died aboard Comair Flight 5191, on her way to an Alaskan cruise. World traveler was one role on the long list defining the 64-year-old Lexington woman: mom, equestrian, aunt, animal-lover, friend, Christmas shopper, PTA president, hugging expert.

Her husband, John, the commissioner of the state Department of Criminal Justice Training, remembered the day they met, 41 years ago this month. She helped load him into a vehicle after a football injury. Teen-age John was struck with the young secretary, and picking up mail from her office became a daily routine.

“I learned the meaning of the word infatuation,” John Bizzack said. While he was a desert plain, he said, she was a glorious mountain. He was a brown suit and cowboy boots; she was clothing of every color.

Even in the church filled with mourners, her daughter, Stacey, wore light blue; her mom, she said, wouldn’t want her to wear black.

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