Crash of Flight 5191

‘An outpouring of love’: Council hosts moment of silence

The silence was expected to last one minute.

Instead, the Urban County Council chambers quieted for more than four minutes. More than 50 people in the room stood as an honor guard of Lexington police officers presented the American and state flags.

The only sounds were clicking from photographers’ cameras and the hum from overhead lights.

Yesterday’s community-wide moment of silence for the 49 victims on Comair Flight 5191 stretched into an extended dramatic silence in the council chambers, ending with a prayer by Lexington police Chaplain Donovan Stewart.

“Help our community, help our city to continue to express an outpouring of love,” Stewart said.

Several council members spontaneously held hands for the prayer.

“It was uniting,” said Councilwoman Linda Gorton, who held hands with Councilmen Jay McChord and Bill Farmer Jr., who wiped away tears.

“It’s just very tough,” Farmer, a native Lexingtonian, said afterward. “People that I knew, that others knew. ...”

Farmer said he knew Pat Smith, a longtime Habitat for Humanity volunteer who lived around the corner from Farmer, and Leslie Morris, an attorney who had appeared before the council.

Absent yesterday was Mayor Teresa Isaac. She attended crash victim Dan Mallory’s memorial service, said Bruce Edwards, Isaac’s press secretary. Councilman Bill Cegelka was also absent.

Council members also extended condolences and prayers to the friends and family of the crash victims.

“There’s nothing that can be said at this time to ease the pain,” Councilman George Brown said.

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