Crash of Flight 5191

Airport operations are handled at both local, federal levels

Several entities are involved in the operations of Lexington’s Blue Grass Airport.

The airport is operated by a staff hired by the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Airport Board. Lexington’s mayor chooses the 10 board members, who must be approved by the Urban County Council.

The airport board and staff must adhere to Federal Aviation Administration rules, including regulations pertaining to operations, oversight and approval of construction activities and business practices.

The airport board staffs and operates departments of public safety, including police, fire and emergency medical services; field maintenance; building maintenance; and engineering and dispatcher services for each of the departments.

Two federal government agencies, the Federal Aviation Administration and the Transportation Security Administration, play major roles at the airport. Among other things, the FAA staffs and operates the airport’s air traffic control tower.

The TSA, which operates under the Department of Homeland Security, is responsible for airline passenger, baggage and cargo screening, and aviation security in general. The TSA staff at Blue Grass Airport is managed by a security director appointed by the TSA.

The airport board and management have no jurisdiction over the federal agencies operating at the airport.

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