Crash of Flight 5191

Combses’ love goes back to school days

Homer and Diane Combs were remembered for their individuality at their funeral yesterday -- Homer, the outdoorsman and proud father, Diane the meticulous wife, friend and mom.

But family and friends who spoke at the funeral remembered them as a couple, too.

Homer, 51, and Diane, 52, died on Comair Flight 5191 while traveling to Monterey, Calif., to celebrate their 31st wedding anniversary. Their funeral at Porter Memorial Baptist Church drew several hundred mourners.

Anniversary cards the couple exchanged and their high school yearbooks were read aloud.

Back in high school, Diane called Homer, a football player, “her little No. 55.” She hoped they could be together forever, someday soon, she wrote.

He wanted her to always be his cheerleader. He wrote, “I would love to be with you every second of every minute.”

The Rev. Steve Hogg said the couple’s daughter, Andrea, isn’t angry. She chose Gary Allan’s song Life Ain’t Always Beautiful for the funeral because it shows grief and healing.

“She’s glad they were together,” Hogg said, “celebrating their anniversary when they got on the plane.”

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