Crash of Flight 5191

Tim Snoddy’s son: ‘We’ll party in your honor’

A pair of leather riding boots stood in front of the flowers amassed at Trinity Hill United Methodist Church for Tim Snoddy.

Snoddy, 51, died when Comair Flight 5191 crashed outside Blue Grass Airport.

His son, Matthew, said he felt his father’s presence at the church, where more than 150 people gathered yesterday for the memorial service. Matthew Snoddy knew his father was there, wearing starched jeans with a crease down the middle and a stashed flask of whiskey in his boots.

He’s waiting for the sadness to end and the party to begin, Matthew Snoddy said.

“I promise you, Dad,” he said, his voice breaking into a cry. “We’ll party in your honor, like no other.”

Snoddy, a forensic accountant, was remembered for his determination and drive to succeed. He owned Snoddy Consulting, which has offices in Lexington, Florida and North Carolina.

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