Crash of Flight 5191

Comair 5191’s fatal trip down the wrong runway

6:02:16 a.m.: Comair Flight 5191 moves onto the taxiway.

Area where non-pertinent cockpit conversations took place.

6:04:33 to 6:05:24: Plane sits on the runway hold line.

6:06:00: Plane reaches center line of Runway 26.

6:06:16: First Officer James Polehinke comments that it’s “weird” that runway has no lights.

This is the point at which a plane like Comair Flight 5191 could not be stopped on the available runway, even with maximum braking applied.

6:06:32: Plane hits an earthen berm about 265 feet beyond the end of the runway and becomes temporarily airborne.

6:06:35: Aircraft hits a tree 920 feet beyond end of runway. Most of the wreckage is found 1,820 feet from the runway’s end.

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