Crash of Flight 5191

Christina Anderson: A loving mother with a carefree laugh

Jennifer Jones considered Christina Anderson her closest friend. They text-messaged or called each other several times a day.

So when she heard the news that Anderson was on Comair Flight 5191, she waited.

“You wait for the text messages, you wait for the phone calls,” Jones said. “Because we communicated a few times a day, you keep expecting that communication. ... I spent a few days really not believing it was true.”

Anderson, 38, of Inglewood, Ontario, just west of Toronto, was traveling with her boyfriend, Lyle Anderson, 55, of Ottawa. Both were involved in the horse industry and spent time Saturday looking at yearlings before the fall horse sale.

Anderson left behind two daughters, Lauren, 4, and Sarah, who will turn 3 in a few weeks.

“That was her main concern,” said Jones, a fellow Canadian who met Anderson in Lexington. “Her main passion in life was that her kids grew up healthy and happy and that was even one of the last conversations we had.”

For six years, Anderson had run a horse-breeding operation near her home.

This year, some of Anderson’s horses won or qualified for big races, Jones said.

“All her work had finally come to fruition this year,” she said.

Jones will remember her friend for her integrity, and she noted that the Andersons recently named a horse Integrity Matters.

Her laugh was another signature.

“She had one of those really loud just full-of-joy carefree laughs, that it gave you such pleasure to make her laugh,” Jones said.

Jones said Lexington was a special place for Anderson and her boyfriend, and for her, because it’s where they all met.

Jones will be flying in next week for one day on horse business.

“It’s that special place to us where we all wanted to live,” Jones said. “It’s going to be really difficult now that we don’t have those people with us there anymore.”

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