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Brian Byrd and Judy Rains: Couple on their way to be married

As was their habit, Kathy Trimble and Judy Rains talked shortly before Rains was to leave on a trip to marry her fiancèe, Brian Byrd.

Rains had a specific request. “If anything happens to me, Kathy,” she said, “please tell me you’ll take my dogs.”

The answer was yes, of course. The two had been friends for a decade and shared a passion for their pets, which they considered family.

Tinkerbell, Cricket, Thumper and Rains’ eight other dogs are now in Trimble’s care.

Rains, owner of K-9 Design Pet Grooming, and Byrd died on the way to a beach wedding in St. Lucia. She had planned to wear a simple, tea-length dress and the ceremony was to be just the two of them. Their invitations read that the trip was the perfect way to start a new adventure.

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