Crash of Flight 5191

Homer and Diane Combs: They loved traveling, UK tailgating

Homer and Diane Combs of Lexington were headed to Monterey, Calif., yesterday morning to celebrate their 31st wedding anniversary.

Five hours later, news of their deaths in the crash of Comair Flight 5191 spread across the country, prompting Ida Lee and John Hansel of Spartanburg, S.C., to send this e-mail of condolence to the Herald-Leader:

We, the Hansel Family, grieve for the families of Homer and Diane Combs, whom we hear were on this plane.

We have cherished memories of Homer as a young boy growing up in Hazard, playing football as a grade school member with my husband as his coach, and then in later years watching him play ball against one of his best friends, my son, Mike, who was playing for Whitesburg, Ky., at that time, and the greatest memory I guess is when the ball game was over, Mike and Homer, while all the others watched, hugged and cried together. My heart is heavy today.

Ida Lee and John Hansel,Spartanburg, SC.

Homer Combs was in business with his brothers at Systems Design Group, a Lexington technology company, said Glen Combs, a brother.

Diane Combs worked with her husband in the company.

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