Crash of Flight 5191

Kelly Heyer: Dreamed of working in U.S. Embassy

Kelly Heyer, the flight attendant on Comair Flight 5191, had dreams of working for the U.S. Embassy in France, said former roommate Ferdy Hossain.

Heyer was fluent in French and wanted to work as an interpreter, Hossain said.

“I almost want to cry right now,” Hossain said. “It’s not fair. He’s not even 30 and he’s gone.”

Heyer, 27, was one of two Comair crew members killed in yesterday’s crash at Blue Grass Airport. He was single and lived in the Cincinnati area. Heyer was originally from Detroit Lakes, Minn.

Heyer had been a Comair flight attendant since July 2004 and was based at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

Heyer mostly flew routes on the East Coast to destinations such as New York, Maine, Boston and Atlanta, Hossain said.

Heyer was recently appointed base representative for the flight attendants union, said Tracy Riley, a union secretary and fellow Comair flight attendant.

“He was a stand-up individual,” Riley said. “He was very professional, loved the job.”

Hossain said he met Heyer when he was looking for a roommate two years ago.

Heyer was a nice, laid-back and easygoing person, Hossain said.

He never heard Heyer raise his voice to anyone during the time he knew him, Hossain said.

Heyer was a big movie buff and the two of them would often hang out and go to clubs together, Hossain said.

“He used to love his vodka and tonic,” Hossain said. “Next time I go to a bar, I’ll drink one for him.”

As soon as Hossain heard the news that Heyer had been killed, he called Heyer’s cell phone, which went to voice mail.

He doesn’t know why he tried calling Heyer, but he did, Hossain said. “My mind didn’t want to believe it was my ex-roommate, Kelly.”

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