Crash of Flight 5191

Priscilla Johnson and JoAnn Wright: Cousins loved to travel together, were bound for cruise

Priscilla Johnson, 44, of Lexington, had two loves: her family and traveling.

Sunday morning she was uniting both as she and her cousin, JoAnn Wright, 56, of Cincinnati, boarded Comair Flight 5191 for the first leg of their flight to Miami and an awaiting cruise ship.

“She died doing what she loved to do,” said longtime friend Dana Cliett.

As the family gathered at the Marriott Griffin Gate awaiting updates from the National Transportation Safety Board, they spoke of good memories despite the sad reality close at hand.

The cousins often spent weekends at each other’s homes, said another cousin, Patricia Mathis.

“They were close like that.”

It would have been Wright’s first cruise, Mathis said, even though the two cousins had travelled together frequently.

Johnson sat in seat 13B; Wright next to her in 13A.

“They were both the same,” said Karen Roseman-Harris, another cousin, from Cincinnati. “JoAnn was loving and caring. There wasn’t anything she wouldn’t do for you.”

Johnson was “outgoing and loved by everybody, young and old, black and white,” said her sister Castella Washington of Lexington. “Whatever you were going through she could put herself in your position.”

Johnson was an export auditor who’d worked for Galls Inc. for 16 years.

For 25 years, Wright worked in various departments at The University Hospital in Cincinnati including at the Charles M. Barrett Cancer Center at The University Hospital.

Wright had one son, William Washington. Johnson had no children.

“She was my baby girl,” said Margaret Johnson, Priscilla’s mother.

“I’m going to miss her so much,” said Opal Blockson of Cincinnati, JoAnn’s mother. “I have a son, but ... “

“There’s nothing like a daughter,” another relative finished.

Everyone nodded.

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