Crash of Flight 5191

Lynda McKee: Her grandchildren have moral compass

Alex, 7 months, and Caleb, 2, might not have many memories of their Mamaw, Lynda McKee, but her daughter Tonia O’Daniel said yesterday she will teach her children the lessons her mother taught her children.

“She just gave us good solid Christian backgrounds with wonderful morals and values,” said Tonia O’Daniel, who has a brother, Aaron McKee.

McKee, of Richmond, was on her way to Alabama to visit her grandchildren when the plane crashed.

Aside from her family and faith, McKee was passionate about the gift shop she ran at Pattie A. Clay Hospital in Richmond. In the two years she worked there, said hospital spokesman Jo Helen Cloys, McKee “really turned it around.”

Although she was scheduled to work 20 hours a week, she routinely worked more. “She just really had a flair for organizing and knowing what people want,” Cloys said.

“Everybody is just devastated,” Cloys said. “I’m sure everybody everywhere is devastated.”

McKee, 57, was married to her husband, Barry, for 37 years. She is also survived by a son-in-law, Clay O’Daniel.

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