Steve Nunn

Nunn’s attorneys seek to exclude much testimony

Steve Nunn
Steve Nunn

Attorneys for murder defendant Steve Nunn filed more than a dozen documents, most of them motions to exclude or suppress evidence and testimony, in Fayette Circuit Court on Thursday.

One motion asks the court to suppress any statements allegedly made by Nunn to authorities while he was hospitalized at Bowling Green Medical Center, where he was taken for treatment of wrist wounds and “significant blood loss” several hours after Nunn’s former fiancée, Amanda Ross, was fatally shot in Lexington.

Nunn had earlier invoked his right to remain silent, but Kentucky State Police Sgt. Todd B. Combs proceeded to interrogate Nunn anyway and surreptitiously record it, the motion maintains.

The motion also rebuts the wanton endangerment charges against Nunn, charges that were filed because he allegedly fired a gun as officers approached him at the Hart County cemetery where his parents, former Kentucky Gov. Louie Nunn and Beula Nunn, are buried. The defense maintains in the motion that Nunn actually fired the weapon toward his abdomen.

Another motion filed Thursday asks the court to suppress all evidence seized from Nunn’s residence in Glasgow. The motion says that a search warrant for Nunn’s residence improperly allowed police to seize items that had no relationship to the shooting of Ross.

The defense also is asking the court to exclude at trial or suppress any testimony and evidence about the following:

■ Statements attributed to Amanda Ross concerning Nunn;

■ Any evidence that Ross was being treated for and had been prescribed medication for post-traumatic stress;

■ Testimony and evidence about relationships Nunn has had with women other than Ross;

■ Testimony and evidence about Nunn’s relationship with his father;

■ Evidence concerning Nunn’s relationship with his former wife, Martha Lu Nunn.

Martha Lu Nunn told police that she had always been afraid of Steve Nunn and that he had hit her when they were married, according to another document. She said there was no record of the allegations because he was the governor’s son, the motion says. The defense maintains that the allegations are suspect and irrelevant to the allegations in the indictment against Steve Nunn.

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