Steve Nunn

Assault charge dropped against Steve Nunn, already in prison for murder

An assault charge against former state lawmaker and gubernatorial candidate Steve Nunn was dismissed Monday, Fayette County Attorney Larry Roberts said.

Fayette District Judge Joe Bouvier dismissed the fourth-degree assault charge against Nunn, who is serving a life sentence in prison without parole for the murder of Amanda Ross, his former fiancée.

Ross brought the assault complaint against Nunn in February 2009, seven months before she was shot to death in Lexington.

In the complaint, Ross had alleged that Nunn struck her four times in the face and threw her against a hallway lamp, breaking it.

Roberts, who sought the dismissal, said that even if Nunn had been found guilty, the penalty of 12 months in jail and a $500 fine “would have no effect” on his life sentence.

“It would run concurrent; it would not run consecutively,” Roberts said.

Also, Diana Ross, Amanda Ross’s mother, “did not want it to go back to court,” Roberts said. “It’s just too painful.”

If the case had gone to court, Roberts said, “it would just be rehashing it more, and he’d been in the limelight. I didn’t think it was proper.”

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