Man fires his AR-15 to scare clown, but ‘clown’ was woman walking her dog

A man used his AR-15 gun to scare a woman wearing a white afghan Monday after mistaking her for clown, according to a citation from the Bardstown Police Department.

According to the citation, a woman was walking her dog down Burlington Court wearing a white afghan when a man yelled at her and then fired an AR-15.

The man, Adam Tingle, said his wife was outside when she thought she saw a clown, so Tingle came out and yelled at the individual, according to the citation. The woman did not move after being yelled at, so Tingle fired one shot from his AR-15 rifle in an attempt to scare her. Tingle’s wife then called 911 to report the incident.

According to the citation, Tingle said he was scared for his family because of recent criminal activities involving clowns.

A slew of criminal activity relating to people dressed as clowns has taken Kentucky by storm in recent weeks. Wednesday night, Jefferson County Public Schools worked with the Louisville Metro Police Department to investigate school threats, which included mention of clowns.

In Middlesboro, a man wearing a clown outfit was arrested and charged with wearing a hood or mask in a public place and disorderly conduct. In Winchester, a woman reported being attacked Thursday night by a man in a clown mask. She was on a trail and fought him off.

Tingle was charged with one count of second-degree wanton endangerment. He has a court date set for Oct. 18. Officers took his rifle at the time of the incident.