Kentucky is among the worst states to be a police officer, study says

In a study that ranked the best and worst states to be a police officer in the United States, Kentucky sat in the bottom five.

The WalletHub overall ranking included each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Kentucky fell in 47th place, according to the study.

The study quantified opportunity and competition, including average starting salaries and income growth; job hazards and protections, including police deaths and violent crime rates; and quality of life, including spending per capita, according to WalletHub. The states were ranked overall and in each of the three factors.

In state and local police protection expenses (or spending) per capita, Kentucky was the worst, at 51, according to WalletHub. Kentucky ranked 47th in law-enforcement officers per capita.

Each state was ranked using a 100-point score, with 40 points allocated to opportunity and competition, 40 to job hazards and protections, and 20 to quality of life, according to WalletHub. Kentucky scored 38.46. The data came from a variety of sources, including the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics, the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics and the FBI.

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