Notorious Kentucky killer gets life sentence in second slaying of an ex-girlfriend

Bass Webb
Bass Webb Kentucky Department of Corrections

A man who already was serving 50 years in prison for killing one estranged girlfriend was sentenced Thursday to life in prison in the murder of a second ex-girlfriend.

Bass Webb, 37, formerly of Menifee County, was convicted last month in the death of Sabrina Vaughn, according to LEX 18. Vaughn was killed in 2003, and her remains were found in 2010.

A Montgomery County judge followed the jury’s recommendation, according to the Mount Sterling Advocate. Webb will be eligible for parole 20 years into his life sentence.

He was defiant in court Thursday and refused to stand when he was sentenced, according to LEX 18.

He’d previously pleaded guilty to the killing of Bryia Runiewicz, who was beheaded.

The violence and defiance also has been directed previously at jail employees and a judge.

He was previously convicted of two counts of attempted murder for trying to run over Bourbon County jail employees with a vehicle. He also was convicted of spitting on a jail employee and was accused of spitting on Bourbon District Judge Vanessa Dickson during an August 2009 hearing.