Dogs attack and kill elderly McCreary County man

A pack of dogs attacked and killed an elderly McCreary County man Tuesday, according to Kentucky State Police.

Police identified the victim as Vinson W. Tucker, 79, of Stearns.

Detective Billy Correll went to a house off KY 1651 in Whitley City about 9 a.m. to check on a report of a body in the yard and found Tucker dead, police said in a news release.

Video from a surveillance camera at a nearby house showed several dogs had attacked and fatally injured Tucker, police said.

Correll told the Herald-Leader there were four dogs involved in the attack.

They apparently were strays and had been seen roaming in the community for some time, but had not caused any problems, Correll said.

Tucker had stopped to visit the owner of the property where the attack happened.

The video showed two of the dogs approached Tucker initially without problem.

When a third approached, however, all the dogs quickly became aggressive and Tucker fell to the ground, Correll said.

“It looked like it was very unprovoked,” he said of the attack.

A neighbor shot two of the dogs and police had to shoot a third, while the fourth ran off, Correll said.

Police sent the dead dogs to the state veterinarian to be tested for rabies to see if that was a factor in the attack.

“That’s the only thing you can describe it as — a tragedy,” Correll said.