Taking the cake: Social-media prank at Dunkin Donuts lands two London teens in jail

A homemade ice cream cake.
A homemade ice cream cake. AP file photo

It wasn’t an out-of-control sweet tooth that led two Laurel County teens to steal an ice cream cake in broad daylight, but rather a prank bound for social media.

Now they’re each charged with a felony.

We’re really going to jail for this?

Seth Messer, a suspect in the felony third-degree burglary

The cold heist happened last Friday, when Seth Messer, 18, and Ajayci Cotton, 19, both of London, allegedly stole the cake from the Dunkin Donuts store on the busy Ky. 192 bypass in town.

It was about 3:30 p.m., according to Laurel County Sheriff John Root.

Messer took the cake from the freezer while Cotton shot a video to live-stream to social media, Root said in a news release.

Yes. You stole something that did not belong to you. Stealing is stealing.

Laurel County Sheriff’s Deputy Gilbert Acciardo

Employees confronted the two as they tried to leave the store, but Messer said something to the effect that “this is my cake now,” although he used profane language, said Deputy Gilbert Acciardo, spokesman for Root’s office.

Employees were able to take down the license number on the vehicle the two used.

On Tuesday, someone spotted the car in London. Detective Jason Back arrested Messer and Cotton at 4:51 p.m.

“They did it as a prank, is their exact words,” Acciardo said.

They might not have considered the possible fallout.

As deputies took the two from the sheriff’s office, Acciardo said he heard Messer ask, somewhat incredulously, “We’re really going to jail for this?”

“Yes. You stole something that did not belong to you,” Acciardo told him. “Stealing is stealing.”

Acciardo said the cake was valued at $25 to $30. That could have resulted in a misdemeanor theft charge.

However, officers chose to charge the two with felony third-degree burglary because of the circumstances, including that the two went into a business and left despite being confronted by employees, Acciardo said.

The charge could be reduced during the court process.