Danville doctor’s license suspended for concerns of potential impairment

Getty Images/Istock

A Danville doctor’s medical license has been suspended because of concerns about potential impairment of his decision-making while on duty.

The Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure issued the decision Monday.

Dr. Brandon Nelson Conrad, a former internal medicine doctor at Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center, had been placed on precautionary suspension by his hospital in March forplacing patients’ safety at risk and deviating from specialists’ orders.

In one case, according to board documents, Conrad photographed himself with fluid removed from a patient and texted it.

On March 24, the hospital notified Conrad that he had to be evaluated at the Kentucky Physicians Health Foundation before his hospital privileges would be reinstated.

Five days later, he submitted to an interview with Dr. Will Ward Jr., who then required Conrad to receive 96 hours of psychiatric evaluation at the Florida Recovery Center.

The evaluation was completed in June, at which point he was no longer employed by Ephraim McDowell. The Florida Recovery Center diagnosed Conrad with alcohol-use disorder and recommended that he not practice medicine until he received treatment and monitoring by the Kentucky Physicians Health Foundation.

Conrad is prohibited from practicing medicine until a licensure board hearing in November .