What is Kentucky’s most-hated food?

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Of all the great food options in Kentucky, there’s one in particular that residents of the Bluegrass state apparently hate more than the rest. Hummus.

That’s right, the popular dip or spread made from a blend of chickpeas or sesame seed paste is Kentucky’s most-hated food, according to the dating app Hater (no really, that’s a thing).

Hummus, long a staple in Middle Eastern cuisine, continues to gain popularity throughout the country. But according to Hater, Kentucky would rather eat pita chips plain.

Hater used data it gathered from the hundreds of thousands of users to figure out the foods each state hates the most.


Some people weren’t too happy about Kentucky’s hatred for the beloved spread, and others don’t believe it can be true.

Of course, there are plenty of people in Kentucky who scoff at the idea of the spread made popular in the states by Sabra.

Elsewhere in the country, Californians apparently hate Chick-Fil-A, which would probably shock most Kentuckians, because it’s always one of its most popular fast-food restaurants.

Several other states hate trendy food items, including Nevada (the beverage La Croix), Montana (pumpkin spice anything) and Ohio (pesto).

Other states are oddly specific with their disdains. Missouri evidently hates the last bite of a hot dog, and Virginia hates dabbing pizza grease with a napkin.

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