What is Kentucky’s favorite Halloween candy?

It’s time to stock up on Halloween candy, even if it’s for yourself, and one website has ran the data to find out what’s the most popular candy in Kentucky., an online bulk candy distributor, took 10 years of sales data and focused on the months leading up to Halloween to determine what each state will be snacking on for Halloween.

For the second straight year, Candy Store has determined Tootsie Pops as the most popular candy in Kentucky. Over the course of the year, it sold 67,829 pounds of the flavored lollipops with the Tootsie Roll center.


Also popular in Kentucky are 3 Musketeers (60,273 pounds) and Reese’s Cups (30,865 pounds).

Tootsie Pops are also the most favorite candy for Tennessee, West Virginia and Washington.

According to a USA Today article, candy spending for trick-or-treaters is expected to reach $2.7 billion.

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