KFC follows 11 accounts on Twitter. Who they are made the Twitterverse swoon.

The brains behind a clever marketing scheme at Kentucky Fried Chicken are receiving heavy social media praise.

An internet sleuth uncovered a gem on KFC’s Twitter on Thursday when he looked at the 11 accounts the fried chicken fast-food chain follows.

KFC follows all five members of the Spice Girls. It also follows six men named ‘Herb.’

Eleven Herbs and Spices.

KFC brands itself as making its chicken in a secret blend of 11 herbs and spices. It’s unclear how long the Twitter account has been following the six men named Herb and the five Spice Girls.

No matter the answer, it’s creating plenty of buzz for KFC.

Based in Louisville and now with more than 20,500 outlets, KFC has undergone a reinvention of sorts in recent years. With a unique TV campaign, creative new menu items and remodeled stores, customer interest has certainly been raised.

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