A student needed baking help. A Kentucky university president delivered.

Murray State University’s president, Dr. Bob Davies, helped make one student’s snow day extra special on Tuesday.

Sydney Owen, a junior from Owensboro, tweeted to Davies late Monday night asking if he could bring her an egg so she could make cookies.

“We are trying to make cookies, we need a single egg,” she said, also giving Davies her off-campus home address ahead of Tuesday’s canceled classes. “Can we borrow one? We will bring you a cookie,” Owen tweeted to the school president Monday night.

Sure enough, Davies delivered.

He tweeted Owen at 9:29 a.m. Tuesday, telling her he was coming. At 9:40, he told her he had dropped off the eggs.

Attached with a package of eggs was a letter to Owen from Davies.

“An egg for cookies, and a few more for breakfast,” Davies wrote on his MSU stationary. “Enjoy – be safe – stay warm.”

Owen said she was snowed in at her Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority house down the street from Davies when the sorority sisters decided to make cookies. Asking for help “just seemed like a neighborly thing to do.”

“We sent the tweet half joking, so when we woke up the next morning and saw the eggs on our porch we were in shock,” Owen said.

Owen posted the photo of the eggs and letter on her Twitter account. Since it was posted Tuesday morning, it has received more than 350 retweets and 1,200 likes.

Owen thanked her school president via Twitter.

“Thank you so much, you’re the best!” she told Davies. “This made our day!!”

The kind act was not a surprise to Owen, who said Davies “cares so much about the students.”

“He is always going out of his way to get to know students and help them out in any way that he can,” she said.

Davies’ gesture also got the attention of the student body, including MSU graduate school student Jacob Scott, who called Davies “the real MVP.”

“The real MVPs are all of our Facilities Team, Dining Services Team, Campus Police and others for working to keep our campus safe and providing services for our students,” Davies responded. “And the many others working hard throughout the area to clear streets. Tough job!”

No word on if Davies has received his cookie from Owen. Classes were canceled Wednesday as well.

Mike Stunson: 859-231-1324, @mike_stunson