Son with Down syndrome had padlocked room, weighed 61 lbs. Parents face murder charges.

Patsy Christy and Albert Christy
Patsy Christy and Albert Christy

Winchester parents have been charged with murder in the death of their adult son who had special needs.

Patsy Christy and Albert Christy’s 20-year-old son, Logan Christy, who had Down syndrome, died in December, said Clark County Coroner Robert Gayheart. Contributing factors were neglect, malnutrition, dehydration and pneumonia, he said.

The mother told deputies she fed her son 13 minutes before she called 911 when he collapsed, according to LEX 18. The autopsy revealed that there was no food in the victim’s stomach, LEX 18 reported.

The victim weighed 61 pounds and his bedroom had padlocks on it, LEX 18 reported.

Gayheart said the case was “by far the worst case I’ve ever seen.”

He said Logan Christy was pronounced dead soon after he arrived at Clark Regional Medical Center that day in mid-December.

“It’s a very sad situation,” Gayheart said.

Patsy and Albert Christy applied for state assistance until the child turned 18 years old, but stopped applying for the benefits after his 18th birthday, LEX 18 and WKYT reported.

Gayheart said there was no evidence that Logan Christy had received medical care after that. He said authorities don’t think he was ever enrolled in public school.

Patsy, 65, and Albert, 61, were arrested Monday and are in the Clark County Detention Center on $1 million cash bonds. They are scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday, according to court documents.