Two vehicles had been passing each other on I-64. Then one driver ended up dead.

A woman died after a crash in which she swerved to avoid “debris” that started coming from the vehicle in front of her, and now state police are asking for help finding that vehicle.

State police said Jessica L. Carter, 26, of Lawrenceburg, was driving east on Interstate 64 in Shelby County on Thursday when a tan SUV passed her and pulled in front of her, then she passed the SUV and pulled in front of it.

The SUV passed Carter’s Mercury Mariner again, and “debris started coming from the tan SUV,” state police said. “Jessica Carter, along with other motorists started to swerve to miss the objects.”

Carter lost control of the vehicle, which went off the road and rolled several times before landing upside down on the right shoulder near mile marker 31 at about 3:30 p.m.

The tan SUV did not stop.

Carter was taken to University of Louisville Medical Center, where she later died.

State police ask that anyone with information about the tan SUV, or anyone who saw or was involved in what led up to the crash, contact Post 12 at (502)227-2221, attention to Trooper Johnson Unit 113.

Trooper Bernis Napier said state police are not releasing information about what the objects were that came from the SUV, because of the ongoing nature of the investigation.