Dog was shot was in the mouth. Northern Kentucky family wants to know why.

A Northern Kentucky family wants to know why someone shot their beloved family dog in the mouth.

WLWT in Cincinnati reported that Charlie, who lives with the Coots family, was shot in the mouth on Feb. 18. The incident was reported to Kentucky State Police but so far there are no suspects.

The television station reported the bullet broke Charlie’s jaw but missed major arteries in his neck and mouth. He has had four surgeries since the incident.

Robin Coots told the station his daughter, who owns Charlie, let the dog out Feb. 18. Her daughter heard the gun shot and when Charlie came back he was bloody. Some neighbors at the time said they thought they saw Charlie in the road but it’s not clear where the dog was when he was shot. Verona is in Boone County.

Coots said Charlie is a sweet dog -- he’s Coots’ four-year-old granddaughter’s constant companion.

“Just so much anger that someone could do that to him," Coots told the television station. "I could understand if the dog had gotten loose and was a vicious dog, but, you know, Charlie's not that dog."

Anyone with any information should contact Kentucky State Police at 502-532-6363.

Beth Musgrave: 859-231-3205, @HLCityhall