Is 'My Old Kentucky Home' the best song about Kentucky? Vote for your favorites.

Is "My Old Kentucky Home" the best song to represent Kentucky?

The Stephen Foster song written in 1853 became the official state song in 1928. It's the lament of a slave who has to leave his Kentucky home. But its root in slavery are often forgotten. The Washington Post wrote about its complicated and forgotten history on Saturday.

Here's a collection of other Kentucky-centric songs. Most are well known. One is relatively obscure but surprisingly good. Should one of these replace "My Old Kentucky Home" as the official state song? Vote below.

1. "Kentucky Rain" by Eddie Rabbit and Dick Heard made famous by Elvis Presley


2. "Carry Me Back" by The Rascals

3. "Kentucky Woman" by Neil Diamond

4. "Blue Moon of Kentucky" by Bill Monroe and sung by Patsy Cline

5. "Paradise" by John Prine

6. "Run for the Roses" by Dan Fogelberg

None of the above?

Here's the original:

Did we forget one? What's your favorite?