She’s accused of trying to hijack a Greyhound bus in Kentucky, but driver outwitted her

Tamiah Dineen Bady
Tamiah Dineen Bady

A Cleveland, Ohio, woman is facing several charges after she allegedly tried to hijack a Greyhound bus Monday afternoon as it traveled northbound through I-71 in Gallatin County.

Tamiah Dineen Bady, 47, got on the bus in Louisville and, according to the driver, became unruly after the bus passed the Carrollton exit. As the situation escalated, the river pulled off the interstate at the Glencoe exit in Gallatin County. He stopped at a gas station at 6 p.m. to allow passengers and himself to get off safely.

The bus driver and a passenger told Gallatin County Sheriff’s Captain Brent McDonald that Bady threatened to cut the driver with a knife before he stopped the bus.

Once the passengers were off the bus, Bady reportedly got in the driver’s seat and attempted to drive off. But the driver went to the back of the vehicle and disabled the engine.

When officers arrived on the scene, they found Bady in the driver’s seat with the bus door shut. The officers forced the door open and tried to remove Bady but she kicked them. Officers used pepper spray to subdue her but she continued to resist arrest until she was handcuffed.

She was charged with attempted theft of a vehicle worth more than $100,000, terroristic threatening, sexual assault, assault of a police officer, alcohol intoxication, criminal mischief and resisting arrest. She was jailed in Carroll County.