Child restrained with zip tie said mom ‘keeps her in the basement by herself and hits and kicks her.’

Roxanna Williams was charged in Pulaski County with child abandonment, assault, criminal abuse and other charges.
Roxanna Williams was charged in Pulaski County with child abandonment, assault, criminal abuse and other charges. Pulaski County Detention Center

After arresting a Pulaski County woman who said she’d injected methamphetamine, police found marks on her 4-year-old daughter indicating she had been restrained with plastic zip ties.

The girl had zip ties around her ankles, and told hospital workers that the mother “keeps her in the basement by herself and hits and kicks her,” according to an arrest citation.

Roxanna M. Williams, 33, is charged in the case with impaired driving, wanton endangerment, first-degree assault, criminal abuse, illegal possession of a controlled substance, tampering with physical evidence and child abandonment.

The case started late Thursday when police checked on a 911 call reporting that a woman might be passed out in a car outside a house in Somerset, and that a small child was running around outside, according to the arrest citation completed by state police officer William Cowan.

Cowan said Williams said she had used meth, and had visible fresh injection marks, Cowan said in the citation.

Williams also said she had snorted Xanax, an anti-anxiety drug, and Suboxone, which is used to quell symptoms of withdrawal from painkillers called opioids.

Police called a social worker to the scene because of the child.

The social worker knew Williams and her family and began trying to find out about Williams’ other children, but Williams “could not give an answer on scene about where her other three children were located,” the citation said.

Authorities eventually found the three kids at a house in Somerset.

The three girls, ages 8, 4 and 10 months, were alone at the house, which was in “deplorable condition,” the citation said.

The 4-year-old girl had a large cut on one wrist and on her head, bruises on her back, marks around her neck “from an object,” and said she couldn’t move one of her arms, according to the citation.

The girl was in obvious pain and didn’t want to be touched.

An ambulance crew took the girl to Lake Cumberland Regional Medical Center for treatment.

There were zip ties fixed to items in the house, such as a dressers and a bed, which were like the ones cut from the girl’s ankles, Cowan said in the arrest report.

The girl also had marks on her wrist consistent with having had zip ties on it, the citation said.

Social workers took the four kids.

A man named Kevin J. Sidwell, 28, came to the house after social workers arrived and turned off the lights. They left and asked police for help, according to the citation.

Cowan said that when he got there, Sidwell began yelling and walked toward Cowan in an aggressive manner with his fists clenched.

Cowan subdued Sidwell and arrested him on charges of menacing, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and obstructing governmental operations.

The booking log at the jail listed Williams’ employer as Walmart, but said she was laid off.

Williams was arraigned on Friday and pleaded not guilty, according to Assistant Pulaski County Attorney Kenton Lanham. She was being held in lieu of $100,000 bond.

She’s due back in court Sept. 26.

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