Kentucky man shot by homeowner during alleged burglary dies

A Pulaski County man shot by a homeowner during an alleged burglary attempt has died.

William Thomas Auxier, 39, died Friday, according to Pulaski County Sheriff Greg Speck.

Auxier, of Bronston, had been taken to the University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital for treatment after the shooting on Jan. 8, according to the sheriff’s office.

Speck said in a release that Auxier was allegedly trying to burglarize an outbuilding in the southern part of the county before daylight on Jan. 8 when the owner came out and found him.

There was a physical altercation between Auxier and the homeowner in which Auxier was shot in the head, according to a release.

Police did not charge the homeowner.

Auxier had several prior arrests for shoplifting and possession of drugs, according to court records.

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