Owner, employee of medical-services company plead guilty to disability fraud

The owner and an employee of a medical-services company have pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit disability fraud, according to Lexington federal court records.

Alfred Clemons, the owner of Safety Tec Inc., and Timothy A. Hardin, an emergency medical technician who worked for the company, took part in a scheme to conceal Hardin’s earnings from the company so he could receive federal disabilty payments, according to plea agreements the two signed.

Hardin was overpaid $147,555 by the Social Security Administration as a result of the fraud, according to a court document.

The maximum sentence on the charge would be five years in prison. Clemons and Hardin are to be sentenced in March.

According to court records, Hardin was approved to receive federal disability benefits beginning in February 2006, and he also worked at Safety Tec, which provides emergency medical technician services for private events.

Hardin told the government he stopped working for the company in December 2009, but didn’t, his plea deal said.

Hardin and Clemons conspired to conceal Hardin’s earnings so that he could keep getting disability payments by having his Safety Tec paychecks — totaling more than $86,000 from 2009 through 2013 — issued in his girlfriend’s name, according to court documents.

Court records say Hardin’s girlfriend and a Safety Tec bookkeeper took part in the scheme. There is no public record that they have been charged.