Laurel County woman dies of hypothermia after leaving assisted living facility

A woman died of hypothermia early Monday in Laurel County after she walked away from an assisted living facility in London.

Dorothy McKnight, 95, was found outside of a neighbor’s home on North Mill Street about 9 a.m. Monday, Laurel County Coroner Doug Bowling said.

McKnight had left her Laurel Village assisted living apartment early in the morning and walked about 100 feet to a neighbor’s porch, Bowling said.

She then fell off the porch, Bowling said. She wasn’t seriously injured by the fall, but she wasn’t dressed for the cold.

“Our hearts are broken at the loss of Dorothy,” a statement from Laurel Village said. “She was a beloved member of our assisted living community for nearly 10 years. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family as we join them in mourning her passing. At this time an investigation is underway into the circumstances of her death. The wellbeing and safety of our clients remains our top priority.”