Investigators: Lincoln Village death caused by irregular heartbeat

Gynnya McMillen
Gynnya McMillen

FRANKFORT — Authorities investigating the January death of 16-year-old Gynnya McMillen at Lincoln Village Juvenile Detention Center have determined she died of sudden cardiac arrhythmia — an irregular heartbeat.

Information was released during a news conference Wednesday in Frankfort with Kentucky Justice Secretary John Tilley.

Dr. Donna Stewart with the state medical examiner’s office said the Mayo Clinic medical laboratories concluded McMillen had evidence of a rare condition known as Inherited Long QT Syndrome that can cause irregular heart rhythms.

Authorities received opinions from 11 other forensic labs in the case and all had the same conclusion, Tilley said.

Multiple investigations found restraint was not relevant to McMillen’s death, Tilley also announced.

Tilley said a surveillance video showed no apparent distress by McMillen, who was found dead Jan. 11 in her cell. McMillen, a Shelby County resident, had been at the center for about 24 hours when she died.

The surveillance video will be released to the McMillen family and once Kentucky State Police completes its investigation, it will be released to the public.