Rockcastle County constable charged with terroristic threatening

Frank Maples
Frank Maples

A constable in Rockcastle County was arrested late Wednesday after a woman said he had threatened to shoot police, according to court records.

Frank Maples, who was elected constable in 2014, was charged with terroristic threatening.

Deputy Matt Bryant said he responded to a report of a domestic disturbance Wednesday evening at Brodhead. Maples met him in the driveway and said that if “she” applied for an emergency protective order, police would have to shoot him when they came to serve it because he would be shooting back, according to the criminal complaint.

Maples then left, and Bryant went into the house and talked to a woman he did not name in the report.

The woman, listed as the victim, said Maples had said that he “ain’t afraid to go, and if I can’t come back home I will send myself to hell and take you with me,” according to the complaint.

The woman also said Maples had said he would shoot the first police officer who pulled in, Bryant said in the complaint.

Police contacted Maples after receiving an arrest warrant, and he turned himself in at the sheriff’s office a little after 11 p.m., according to an arrest citation.

Rockcastle County Circuit Clerk Eliza Jane York said Maples was arraigned Thursday and entered a plea of not guilty.

In a case in December 2012, Maples’ wife, Shirley Maples, said he had slapped her face three or four times and told her he would blow her head off in front of police if she called them, according to a court document.

Shirley Maples sought a protective order in that case, but the petition was dismissed later at her request, according to court records.