Judge sees red after bare-legged prisoner is brought to court

Associated Press

A Louisville judge scolded jail officials for bringing a female inmate to court without a jail jumpsuit and, it appeared, with no pants.

On Friday’s courtroom video recording, an attorney for the woman told Judge Amber Wolf that the jail refused to give her client pants or hygiene products.

WDRB-TV reported that the woman was jailed for not completing a diversion program for shoplifting. She said she had been held for days without pants.

An angry Wolf phoned jail officials during the hearing and demanded an explanation.

Jail officials said the woman was wearing shorts hidden by a long shirt. Steve Durham, a jail spokesman, said she wasn’t in custody long enough to be given a jumpsuit.

Wolf apologized to the woman and released her with time served and a $100 fine.


Information from: WDRB-TV,