Owsley County woman charged with killing parents is released after failure to indict

A woman charged with murder in the shooting deaths of her parents was released from jail Friday because a grand jury did not indict her within 60 days as state law requires.

Lynette R. McQuinn, 48, of Booneville, was charged May 6 with two counts of murder and tampering with physical evidence, according to state police.

McQuinn is accused of shooting and killing her father, Robert McQuinn, 70, and her mother, Ada McQuinn, 66, state police said.

Lynette McQuinn was released at about 10 a.m. Friday from Three Forks Regional Jail, Capt. Joshua Ward said.

The commonwealth’s attorney’s office for the 23rd Circuit, which covers Owsley County, declined comment Friday afternoon.

The case was sent to the grand jury on May 19, but prosecutors did not present the case within 60 days, WKYT reported.