Crittenden woman to serve almost 19 years for sending drugs to her daughter in prison

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On Thursday, a Northern Kentucky woman was sentenced to almost 19 years in prison for providing illegal drugs to her daughter in prison; her daughter subsequently died of an overdose.

Kimberly Mullins, 44, of Crittenden, was sentenced to 224 months in federal prison for conspiracy to distribute fentanyl and morphine. Mullins’ daughter, Jamie Green, overdosed Sept. 5 while she was an inmate in the Kenton County Jail, the Kentucky Department of Justice said.

Mullins, who confessed she regularly sent heroin to her daughter, bought a fentanyl and morphine mixture from Michael Howard, thinking she was buying heroin. Mullins had the substance delivered to Green with help from Kenton County Jail inmates Lisa Lattimore and Lynette Ball.

Lattimore and Ball were convicted for being a part of the conspiracy. Lattimore received 160 months, and Ball got 144 months. All three women must serve at least 85 percent of their sentences, a press release said.

Howard pleaded guilty and is scheduled to be sentenced in September. He could received a life sentence and a $1 million fine.

After Mullins, Lattimore and Ball pleaded guilty in March, two others, Mabry Baioni and Heather Tucker, pleaded guilty to conspiring with Howard and Mullins to smuggle drugs into the Campbell County Detention Center while Green was there.

Baioni and Tucker were not involved with Green’s death or the Kenton County Jail incident.

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