'Unclaimed' Dodge Chargers? State police say they're looking for 'volunteers' to drive them.

Kentucky State Police

The Kentucky State Police say they have a unique opportunity for eligible applicants: a "free" Dodge Charger.

"Each year the Kentucky State Police offers top of the line Dodge Chargers to the general public. For the last few years, many have gone unclaimed," the state police said in a news release.

“It’s quite baffling. These are top of the line vehicles,” Sgt. Josh Lawson, commander of the state police public affairs branch, said. “You’re talking an all-wheel drive sports car with a custom paint job. You can’t get a vehicle like this at your local dealership.”

The catch: you have to work there to get one.

The release, which was shared hundreds of times on Facebook Friday, is the agency's latest recruiting effort.

As of November, the state police had 840 sworn officers. To be fully staffed, 1,070 are needed, the agency said at the time.

In Friday's social media post, state police said applicants must have a high school diploma or GED and have three years of full-time work experience, two years of experience as a law enforcement officer or active military service, or 60 hours of credit from an accredited college or university.

"Once the applicants are inspected and deemed eligible, there’s a quick 24-week training academy and the eligible applicant can receive their Charger. Free of charge," the release states.

“That’s it!” Lawson said in the release. “I honestly don’t know why more people don’t take advantage of this opportunity. We’ll even let you sleep here for free!”

To find more information about the Kentucky State Police and an application to be able to drive one of the Chargers while you work, visit