Police break in to get suspect

DANVILLE — A Boyle County man was charged with various drug trafficking offenses after a standoff and arrest at his mobile home near Herrington Lake, police said.

For more than three hours, David R. Tingle, 35, refused to answer the door of his Wells Landing home northeast of Danville. But police, with a search warrant in hand, eventually forced their way in and arrested him early Thursday, said Boyle County Deputy Sheriff Jim Wilcher.

“I went up and knocked on the door and told the guy, ‘Sir, look, we're fixing to breach this property. Just open the door and let us in.' And got no response,” Wilcher said.

“After we got our search warrant, we just went ahead and took the ram, went in, got him and brought him out.”

Tingle was charged with trafficking in marijuana, trafficking in cocaine, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a firearm (an SKS assault rifle) by a convicted felon, according to court papers. Police also said they found processed marijuana.

Kentucky State Police were called in to assist, and Trooper Chris Lanham, a spokesman for the Richmond post, said 31 marijuana plants were found growing behind the mobile home.

Deputies with the Garrard County Sheriff's Office also were involved in the arrest.

A man who allegedly bought marijuana from Tingle was arrested Wednesday night, Wilcher said.

Brian C. Rayburn, 30, was stopped at a convenience store on Lexington Road. When police searched his black Pontiac, they said they found about a quarter-pound of marijuana beneath the driver's seat.

Rayburn was charged with trafficking in marijuana and trafficking within 1,000 yards of a school.