Man says he can predict Tuesday's big headline

HAZARD — Mike Super, variously described as a mentalist or entertainer, says he knows what the big headline will be in Tuesday's Lexington Herald-Leader.

To prove it, the winner of $250,000 in an NBC reality show last year called Phenomenon: The Search for the Next Great Mentalist, recorded his prediction on a cassette tape on Sept. 29, put it in an envelope and mailed it to Hazard, where he will be performing Tuesday.

The envelope was locked in a safety deposit box at People's Bank & Trust on Sept. 30.

Tammy Duff, director of performing arts at Hazard Community and Technical College, which booked Super's performance, says Hazard Police Chief Ronnie Bryant is guarding the keys to the deposit box.

Super will unveil his prediction during a matinee performance Tuesday. If he's wrong, he has promised to refund money to those who purchased tickets for the evening show.

"From what I understand, he has never been wrong," Duff said. "We'll see."

Duff says the coal-mining community hasn't seen an act like Super's before — which mixes magic and comedy. She says the city has been buzzing about his attempt to predict the news.

"A lot of the people are saying, 'Who does he know at the newspaper?' " Duff said.

The headlines depend on the news of the day and so they can't normally be determined in advance.

Super, who has been performing magic since he was 6 and has won several awards, is particularly popular since winning on Phenomenon. The show had 10 entertainers compete for viewers' votes over five weeks. Super was awarded the title of The Phenomenon, and $250,000.


When: 1 p.m., 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Hal Rogers Center in Hazard.

Tickets: Early show $2. Evening show: $15/$20 adults; $8 students. Children 5 and under free.

Call: (606) 487-3067 or 1-800-246-7521, Ext. 73067.